Upgrade Your Desktop Microphone (ultra Cheap)




Introduction: Upgrade Your Desktop Microphone (ultra Cheap)

You know that moment when you join in a Skype conversation or Mumble or even TeamSpeak and everybody shout at you because they can hear everything that's happening in your room. When you get kicked out because you breathed too close to the mic.

Well that time is over and you don't even have to spend a single penny

I made this little project after seeing many other Instructables but I never had what was needed so instead, I tried several times but there were a lot of problems. Afterwards I finally managed to fix everything only with what was laying on my desk and the result is pretty astonishing (style and sound quality). I did it pretty quickly so it's not super perfect but anyway let's get started !

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Step 1: What Exactly Was Laying on My Desk



-Tape (not shown on the picture)




-Toilet Paper

-Plastic (it can be anything but i would recommend something hard enough to stay in place nad not too much either)

*-Random stand (I got mine from another Instructable)

Step 2: Main Noise Cancellation

Alright so to decrease the range of the microphone I wrapped TP around (2 squares so the microphone fits snugly & doesn't move)

Now people can't hear your brother snoring.

I would recommend decorating it before going through the other steps.

Step 3: The "colar" Design

Although the microphone range has been decreased, my keyboard is still too noisy because the microphone captures the sound from every direction. We really don't want that.

Using a protective plastic sheet such as an screen protector is perfect because you can fold it easily enough and it stays this way afterwards.

First, make a cone with the plastic sheet. (picture 1)

Then adjust the angle so it fits perfectly in. (I cut the plastic before adjusting it so my 'colar' is too short)

Now mark a line a the right spot and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Making and Placing the 'colar'

Alright mark the hole for the neck with the marker and cut the square out. Place the TP back if you removed it then put the 'colar' just like you would do with handcuffs.

Step 5: Pop Filter

If you blow in the colar you'll destroy your friends ear so let's make a pop filter. Also my keyboard can still be heard because of the hole behind so I just had to block it with TP again.

I didn't have a stapler so I used tape instead, I don't know which is cleaner. I also decorated the pop filter.

Well that's it you got yourself a okay microphone now, and plus it looks cool

Thanks for following this Instructable !

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    3 years ago

    Very cool microphone setup! I always enjoy simple and inexpensive solutions like this!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot Tomato :)