Upgrade or Replace Hard Drive Using Symantec Ghost Guide

Introduction: Upgrade or Replace Hard Drive Using Symantec Ghost Guide

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In this guide I be showing how to clone a hard drive. With this method you can upgrade your hard drive or the hard drive about to fail.

I would recommend the Symantec Ghost Version 11 and up works good. 

This works great if you wanna upgrade your current hard drive to new one that bigger size. 
Also works if you know your drive is failing you may have a chance to clone the drive to other new one and won't lose anything. 

Everything still the same OS will boot the same. All programs and data will be there the same. Nothing will change of course you will have a bigger size hard drive. 

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Step 1: Hard Drives

You can clone 

You can see an example of the picture.

Pata to Pata ( You will need to go to the bios and enable the new drive before moving on)  
Make sure the one that has the OS install make that one as master and new drive make it has a slave. Once you clone. Remove the old drive and place new drive and make it as master or cable select. 

Sata to Sata ( You will need to go to the bios and enable the new drive before moving on)
for sata you really don't need to make anything master or slave. As long you enable the new drive within the bios your go to go.

Pata to Sata( You will need to go to the bios and enable the new drive before you move on)
You can clone from Pata to Sata. There no requirement to make any master nor slave. Just make sure you enable the new drive withing the bios. 

Keep track of which is your current drive and the new drive. 

Go to the bios and make sure you see your two drives if so boot from the cd Ghost Norton 

Step 2: Norton Ghost

Once you load Symantec Ghost you get a welcome screen Click Ok 

On the menu we will go to Option first. 

On the Option go to the tab that say Misc 

Under Misc we going to select Force cloning and Accept. This is useful if you replacing a bad drive. 

Step 3: Disk to Disk

Your back on the menu 

Now we going to select Local  

We going to to select Disk> To Disk

Step 4: Select Source and Destination

Here you really need to keep an eye for.

Ignore Drive 3 it my usb I forgot to remove. Make sure you only have two drives showing up 

1. Here you will select the Source. By Default Ghost will pick the one that already has 
OS install. Has you can see it won't allow me to select the drive 2 because drive 2 doesn't have anything on it.  

2. Here you will select the destination. By default Ghost will select the drive that is blank and that is drive 2. 

3. Destination Drive details. Here you can customize the size if you dont' wanna deal with it ignore and click ok. 

Step 5: Cloning

Now we in the last step 

If you look at the bottom you can see the source and destination.

Source local drive 1 is the one that has the OS install. 

Destination local drive 2 is the one going to replace the local drive 1 

If you did everything correct You can proceed with the clone. 

Step 6: Done With Clone

If it was able to clone the drive and complete. Now Just click Continue It will go back to the menu. Now shut down the computer. 

Now remove your current drive and place the new hard drive alone. 

Turn on the computer and go to the bios and disable the 2nd drive or else it going to complain you missing 2nd hard drive.

Restart the computer once you finish within the bios. If you did everything correct you should see your windows loading. 

For the people who replacing a bad drive. If it does't load and blue screen. You may need to run a chkdsk /r. 

That all about cloning. 

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    4 Discussions

    Used licensed enterprise Norton Ghost when I was a tech where I used to work. Just loved it. The version you are using I suppose is the floppy version from the enterprise family.. Not seen that in the home version. Where did you get it out of curiosity?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The one Im using is utility cd that I created. You can say it a BartPE.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    To my knowledge, Ghost is not part of that software. Correct me if I am wrong.

    One other comment. Ghost used to have issues with multiple partitions with other operating systems. Not for the amateur.