Upgrading My Shower Head Heater.

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Intro: Upgrading My Shower Head Heater.

My 11 year old shower head heater works great but the plastic body has become quite brittle and I believe it is time for a new one.

Here is how I properly installed a new replacement taking care to have the electricals with grounding installed.

Step 1: The New Heater.

This fame Ducha 3.15kw, 120volt heater is ideal for my small shower.

Step 2: Extension Leads.

This heater pulls around 30amps maximum. I used soldered connection to guarantee a secure electrical connection. I put 3 coats of liquid tape onto each joint.

Step 3: Removing the Old Heater.

Unplugging the power first, I cut the wiring to the old heater. Next I unscrewed the fixture from the wall plumbing and cleaned the caulk from the tile.

Step 4: Preparing the New Heater.

Using ptfe thread seal, I put wrappings on the threaded connections. I next screwed the heater onto its extension pipe.

Step 5: Installing the New Heater.

The extension of the heater pipe screwed onto the wall fitting. Up in the corner of the wall you see my motion detector. This is part of my custom built shower control panel to turn off the shower when there is no one in the shower.

Step 6: Doing the Electricals.

Again I soldered all the joints for a reliable solution. Liquid tape for insulation and the electrical is done.

Step 7: Testing and Completion.

Now my shower heater is commissioned and working quite well! Not bad for a 1 hour job.



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