Upgrading Plastibot 3D Printers to E3D Nozzels




Introduction: Upgrading Plastibot 3D Printers to E3D Nozzels

This instructable will cover the upgrade of the plastibot printers from J-head hot ends to new E3D V6 hot ends.

Step 1: Removing the Power Supply

Remove the four screws in the back of the printer that connect the power supply to the frame.

Step 2: Cut Off the Heatshrink Tubing

We will be running a new pair of wires from the electronics to the extruder. This pair will provide power to the hot end heater, and the old heater wires will power the hot end fan. The wiring is labeled here. This will be important when soldering new connectors.

Step 3: Accessing the Electronics Box

Remove the three screws holing the electronics panel to the frame.

Step 4: Wiring New Connections

Run a pair of wires from the electronics enclosure to the hot end, leaving extra for neat wiring later. I used around 3ft of each colour. The wire gauge should be around 16 AWG.

Step 5: Hot End Modifications

Follow the instructions here http://wiki.e3d-online.com/wiki/E3D-v6_Assembly

After assembly, clip the heater wires 8 inches from the cartridge. Then, strip and crimp the wires to attach powerpole connectors.

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