Upgrading Vacuum Hoses for Hyundai Trajet 2000.


Introduction: Upgrading Vacuum Hoses for Hyundai Trajet 2000.

About: Update 12 September 2017: A very special thanks to Sam Elder, a manager here at Instructables, who tracked down the cause of my lost publications and fixed the issue. Take a bow Sam!

Here is how I upgraded the rubber vacuum hoses on this year 2000 Hyundai trajet.

Step 1: The Brake Line.

This is a new valve I installed. I chose the right size of silicone hose and slid on both sides of the connection.

Step 2: The Brake Line.

The oem rubber hose I removed the spring clamps. The replacement silicone hoses fit tightly onto the nipples and didn't require any clamps.

Step 3: The Fuel Pressure Regulator Line.

This tiny line was also replaced with long life silicone hose.

Step 4: Completion!

Here the engine looks a bit prettier and should offer improved reliability.



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