Upgrading Your Plywood Type a Series 1 to a G2 Extruder

Introduction: Upgrading Your Plywood Type a Series 1 to a G2 Extruder

In July of 2014, Type A Machines released the All-Metal G2 extruder as a standard feature on all Series 1 3D Printers and an upgrade for all second generation Series 1 3D printers to date.

In keeping with their desire to future-proof every machine so that early adopters are not left with ancient machines after a year, Type A Machines is now selling a version of the G2 extruder for all Plywood Series 1's.

Learn more about the upgrade here.

This instructable serves as the directions for how to assemble and install the extruder.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  1. Hex drivers : 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3mm
  2. G2 Extruder

Step 2: Dismantle the Old Extruder

Our primary goal here is to reach the four fasteners holding up the motor, and free the motor.

  1. Unplug all the cables.
  2. Remove the
    1. Fan
    2. Faceplate
    3. Heater
    4. Rear plate (bottom)
    5. Motor mount
    6. Rear plate (top)
    7. Pinch wheel

Step 3: Prepare the Motor for the New G2 Extruder

Align the motor mount adapter such that the four holes on the adapter line up with the motor.

Fasten using the M3x8 screws!

Step 4: Prepare the New G2 Extruder

In this step we will prepare the G2 extruder for mounting it to the motor.

  1. Align and mount the adapter.
    • This step requires that you push in 3 nut in the adapter such that they can be fastened with the rear plate of the extruder.
    • There will be three screws of varying lengths. Make sure that all of them are long enough to interact with the nuts on the adapter but not so long that they stick out of the back of the adapter. The longest screw should be no longer than 16 millimeters for this step. The extruder should come with two 20mm screws for use to mount the entire extruder assembly onto the carriage of the machine.
  2. Place the heater needle in the groove on the rear plate.
  3. Generously apply thermal paste.
  4. Close the extruder by fastening the front plate.
  5. Connect the Y-Cable to the fan connectors.

Step 5: Mount the New G2 Extruder on the Motor

Both the motor and G2 have been prepped.

Place G2 on the motor and align the bolts with nuts on the wooden carriage.


Step 6: Mounting the Pinchwheel

  1. Place the pinchwheel on the motor’s shaft
  2. Align it such the groove along the pinch wheel matches the groove of the needle.
  3. Fasten!

Step 7: Upload New Firmware to the Machine

You'll need to upload a newer version of the Marlin firmware to your Series 1. You can download it here.

If you need help uploading firmware to the Arduino board, have a look at this video.

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