Upright Standing Pallet Planter

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I Reused some old pallets and here is what happened!

Step 1: Making the Panter

You will need: One pallet with enough boards to cover the back and abut half the front.

Fabric weed barrier

Staple gun


Nails (if the ones pried out of the boards are too wrecked)

Build it: Pry every second board off of the front to make room to plant your seeds.

Cut two 6-8" boards from the boards you pried off to make the legs.

Screw the legs on the sides, long ways touching the floor.

Last, cut the fabric weed barrier to whatever width and depth your pallet is, plus 3 inches per side so it forms a pocket when you staple it in.

Put dirt in, remember that the weed barrier does not completely hold in the water, so do not keep it indoors where you have wood floors. keep a towel under it if you must keep it indoors.




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    3 Discussions

    Carpenter Guy

    2 years ago

    thanks! I also made some bigger ones, they also looked good!


    2 years ago

    Such a simple idea, but very cool. Nicely done!