Upside Down Tiered Polka Dot Cake




Introduction: Upside Down Tiered Polka Dot Cake

Most tiered cakes start off with a big cake as the base and the cakes gradually get smaller as you go up. I wanted to do the opposite and make it upside down.


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Step 1:

Prepare three square shaped cakes in gradually smaller sizes (e.g. 10 in, 8 in, 6 in) and cover them in frosting and white fondant. Make sure each cake is sitting on a sturdy cake board. 

Step 2:

For the polka dot decorations, i wanted to do something abstract. So, roll out turquoise colored fondant. Use a large circle cutter to make a circle cut-out.

Step 3:

Position a medium circle cutter a little farther away from the center of the circle you just made. Then, press the cutter and remove this piece. You will end up with a hollow circle.

Step 4:

Follow steps 2 and 3 again and cut out some regular polka dots and some hollow polka dots in various sizes using big,medium and small circle cutters.

Follow steps 2 and 3 again to make dark blue polka dot cut-outs too.

Let these cut-outs dry for 24 hours. They won’t become very stiff but they should be able to hold their shape without bending over.

Step 5:

Brush some water on the back of these cut-outs. Now, just  paste those fondant circles onto your cake.

Step 6:

Support is the most important thing in such a cake! So, to assemble it, go to Home Depot and pick up some of these plastic pipes and insert three pipes into each cake. Then, just stack each cake on top of of one another. You can also use a glue gun to stick the pipe to the base of the cake boards so the whole cake doesn't wobble.
(i was unable to take a picture when assembling this cake...)

I included some more tips and details on my blog ( if anyone wants more info...

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