Upside Down Tomato Hanger.

Self explanatory.

There are many of these types of tutorials, but none that I could find that instructed you to keep the bottom of the bottle on and not cut it off completely.

Keeping the bottom on allows you to turn the bottle over without spilling your soil.

Step 1: Materials: Upside Down Tomato Hanger

Empty two liter bottle

Tomato plant



Knife and/or scissors

Step 2: Cut the Bottom of the Bottle.

Using a knife, cut the bottom of the empty bottle, leaving about an inch uncut so that the bottom remains attached.

Step 3: Fill the Bottle With Soil.

Step 4: Close the Bottom, and Turn the Bottle Over.

Step 5: Put Tomato Plant in Bottle.

Cut off a couple of stems so the tomato plant will grow new roots and poke the tomato plant deep into the neck of the bottle.

Turn bottle over.

Step 6: Attach Twine. Hang.

Poke two holes in the bottle with your knife and pull the twine through.

Step 7:



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    It is working well, though I'm not sure there is any advantage in growing this plant this way. It keeps wanting to orient itself upward. My plants that are in pots and growing up look better. I might get another bottle and replant so that the plant is sitting at a normal orientation.