Upside Down World

i couldn't use a grass block because i cant make it upside down, i like to use the barrier because there invisible

Step 1: How to Build an Upside Landscape

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to build an upside down tree with a chicken!

Step 2: Building the Platform

First, you want to make 7x7 dirt platform.

Step 3: Now to Build a Tree on the Platform

First plant a tree then copy it under the the platform

Step 4: Invisible Blocks

Do "/give <your username here> barrier" to get the barrier. with the barrier you place a 7x7 platform 2 blocks below the dirt platform

Step 5: Upside Down Chicken

get a name tag and with an anvil name the name tag 'Dinnerbone', then spawn a chicken under the dirt platform, then right click it with the name tag.



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