Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette Makeup Look

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So if you have the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette then this is a look you can try. I do hope you line it

Step 1:

So first you are going to want to apply a base to your eye. So for this I take a skin toned colour eyeshadow and apply this all over your lid and into your brow. Then with a light brown I apply this into the crease as a transition colour. I then also do the same thing with a darker brown and also a grey making sure each time to concentrate it further and further into the crease so it looks more blended and not so harsh. At the end I make sure to take a large fluffy brush and blend out the edges so it look soft and smokey.

Step 2:

Then taking a black eyeshadow I applied this to the outer corner and inner corner of the eye and the apply a royal navy blue to the centre of the eye and then blend this all in together. I do take the fluffy brush from the inner corner of the eye and out into the outer corner to help the black blend in together. This also helps the blue blend too. I then take a gold shimmer colour and apply this to the inner corner and brow bone to create a highlight.

Step 3:

Then for the eyes you just want to apply your mascara and your false lashes to help open up your eyes.

Step 4:

I then go on to finish of the face. So I first apply a concealer to the under eye, chin, nose, forehead and then take a beauty blender and blend this all out. I then set this with a setting powder to stop it from creasing and help it last all day. Then with a bronzing powder I applied this to the hollows of my cheeks, jawline, nose and hairline and go back in with my foundation brush to blend this all in together. Finally for the face I just applied a soft pink colour to the cheeks.

Step 5:

Then taking the browns I used on the transition colour for my eyes I just apply this to the lower lash line and then also apply the black there too. This is going to help keep the smokey look. I then also darken the look up further by apply a black gel liner to the waterline.

Step 6:

Finally I just apply a matte pink lipstick and apply this to the lips to add a bit of colour to the look



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