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First we have to collect some stuff :)

Step 1: BOM List

Go to a store/shop where they sell candy, like in the picture, and get
some boxes with transperant lid ( they will give it to you for free ) Collect some egg carton, or buy the one they sell at gardening store. They should not cost to much. At the same time, get som seeds :)

You can buy soil ( do not buy the cheepest ) or go into the woods with a shovel and a bucket and get it for free.

Step 2: Prepping

Wash all the boxes you got and cut out cartong, to fit in the boxes

Step 3: Soil and Seeds

Make sure that your soil is "fluffy" and not compact. Make a little hole with your finger and put a couple of seeds in it, and cover up with soil. Just a gentle push and finnish up with some water ( not to much )

Step 4: Finishing Up

Cover up the box with the lid ( if its very warm where you live, make some airhole ) Also mark the lid with a pen.

And now its just to wait and see/eat. I live in Norway and the summer are not as hot as they should be, so the first 2-3 weeks I take the boxes inside at nights.

HOT TIPS: Go to Aliexpress.com and look for seeds, very cheap and alot of diffrent sorts. (Some country do not aloud import of seeds, so do some resource before you order)

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    3 years ago

    These are some great ideas. Thank you for sharing!