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BCW Hanging Urban Live Edge Shelves. Wall mounted shelving hanging from chains. Both shelves cut from same piece of wood. Finished to perfection with a super smooth finish. Sweet Gum Wood from south Florida embedded with natural spalting.

Cut a single 2' slab of choice wood in half. Cut a 2' piece of pallet wood (any width is ok)

Sand to desired finish. (I would sand with 220 grit paper)

stain all 3 pieces

Evenly space two screws on top and bottom of one piece on each end of board (1' from side and about in inch from either edge) and only on top of the second piece in a matching placement (matching hook placement from first piece)

In the pallet board i drilled and inserted a recessed u-bolt in each end (same spacing as hooks) and attached 2-12" chains to each side.

Next attach these 4 chains to the top of the slab with the hooks on each side (adjust screws and chain length as necessary)

now with 4 more 12" chains attach the bottom shelf to the top shelf.


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    3 years ago

    Those look pretty :)