Urban Survival Kits

Introduction: Urban Survival Kits

I discovered that using a soap container works just as well as an Altoids box, and it can hold much more!

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Step 1: Ingredients-

Look around your house for things you can use.

My Kit includes -

1 Mini ruler

3 Elastic hair ties

1 Tube of lip balm

1 Mini Sharpie (with the keychain attatchment removed)

1 Small container of floss (I got mine from the dentist)

3 Band-aids

1 Mini (keychain) flashlight

2 AAA batteries (for mini flashlight)

1 Dollar bill

3 Sticks of gum (trident works best, if you don't have any of that, use orbit)

You also need-

Plastic wrap that sticks to itself (Reynolds, Press'n Seal)



Step 2: Wrap It Up!

Take the gum and the batteries, and tear a piece of plastic wrap off (or cut it off.)
Wrap the sticks of gum individually, and the batteries together. You can skip this step, but th plastic wrap keeps the batteries stuck together, and help with the gum as well. The plastic wrap helps the gum, so that if it gets sticky it won't mess up your kit.

Step 3: Wrap It Up AGAIN!!

Step 4: Tape...

Put tape n the dollar bill and Band-aids.

Step 5: Starting Assembly

Press the sticky side of the tape on the Band-aids onto the plastic soap container. Press sticky side of tape on dollar bill on top of that. Place ruler in bottom of soap container.

Step 6: More Assembly...

Put everything in the soap container, and your done!

Step 7: Other Ideas

Other ideas for kits,

This one contains-

1 Tube of Neosporin

1 Keychain flashlight

2 AAA batteries, for flashlight

12 Band-aids of assorted sizes


Step 8: Other Ideas 2

Another kit.

This kit contains-

3 Band-aids

1 container of eyeshadow

1 tube of chapstick

1 container of Minty floss


1 pair of dangley earings

1 mini bottle of lotion

1 mini bottle of moisturizer

1 pinky ring

Step 9: Other Ideas 3

This kit contains-

1 container floss

1 mini Sharpie

1 stack of sticky-notes

3 magnets

1 house key

2 pockets, filed with paper clips, and safety pins

Step 10: Other Ideas 4

This kit has blue and pink sticky notes onthe bottom of it, for a checker board effect.

It includes-

1 music playing device

2 sticks of gum



Step 11: The Last Other Idea...

The Last kit includes-


Sticky note bottom from last idea

1 box of "Pshycadellic" removable tattoos

1 chocolate eyeball ... yum!

2 tootsie rolls

3 assorted toffees, wrapped up in a hair elastic

1 tube of candy-flavored lip gloss


I hope this gave you some ideas...

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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    yeah. sounds dank. thanks for sharing dude!


    8 years ago on Step 7

    Huh, never thought of a soap case! That's a really good idea for first aid, survival, or any other type of small kit because, just as you mentioned, they do hold more (& won't rust, either)!


    10 years ago on Step 7

    i made something like this kit but its really small. I used an altoids smalls container because it was small then i put a band aid and a dollar on the bottom. after that i had this really small flashlight about 1 forth of the tin and put it in. finally i but in 2 jolly ranchers if i wanted something to eat when i was wanting for the bus or somerthing