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About: Twin brothers Gordon and Edward. We love all things outdoors and learning to be as self sustainable as possible, but in an urban area. Join us at FoodForThought on YouTube.

This is my new vegetable garden. Trying to keep it neat an tidy to go along with the rest of the garden we are doing this year. Approx 500s/f. All of is made by recycled wood etc. The bails of straw cost $4.50 each, The plastic sheet for the hooped greenhouse cost $12.00. The compost bins cost $15.00 and another $4.00 for the pots. Everything else was free. So total cost was about $100.

Step 1: Compost Area.

Trying to waste no space. I have 2 large compost bins, 2 bags of rabbit poop and a steel bin I got from work to make my compost tea in. The skid at the front is filled with compost which I will be growing lettuce. The boards are wide enough to to walk over to reach the compost bin.

Step 2: Straw Bale Area.

Trying out straw bales gardening this year for the first time. I have 10 bales set in 5 rows for growing Tomatoes and Squash.

Step 3: Trying to Brighten the Place Up.

Using another skid and screwed some bamboo pots for some different flowers.The post will be filled once the seedlings are ready to replant.

Step 4: Another Skid With Backing on It.

Painted the skid to brighten the place up. Filled with compost and will be growing herbs in.

Step 5: Different Planters Made With Scrap.

The planter on the ground is made with wood from a pallet. The planter screwed onto the deck is made by a cut up 60 gallon water barrel. Cut int quarters.

Step 6: Little Hooped Greenhouse.

Made this little greenhouse from old skids and plastic pipes. This is for starting my seeds before the soil warms up. The floor and benches are made with pallet wood.

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    2 years ago

    I'll second that nice job on the backyard


    2 years ago

    This looks like a great set up! Best of luck through the growing season! :)

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. I hope all goes well. You enjoy your summer also.