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You can turn a culvert into a waterslide with just a few boards and some rope.

As you can see on the video, we tied ropes onto the boards, used the boards to block off the culvert, and then let the streambed fill up with water. When the reservoir was full, we climbed over the boards into the culvert and removed the braces from the boards. The boards were forced into the culvert but the ropes kept them from following us down.

Once the boards are removed the water rushes into the culvert to shoot us all the way through until we splash down into the pool at the other side of the culvert. The ride is about 1/4 mile (400 meters) long.

We rode on foam boogie boards but some people chose to just ride on their butts. (They shredded their clothes and sometimes their skin--NOT recommended.)

Before we did this, we made sure that we knew exactly what was inside of the culvert and in the splash pool at the bottom so as not to hurt ourselves or anyone else.

Great way to cool down for free on 100+ F days!

Be careful if you try this!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    If I was 30, okay, 40 years younger I'd soooo be on this!
    Dangerous? Bah! Safer than a lot of other things like vegetating in front of a computer.
    Except for the Instructable download time, you're outside getting fresh air and exercise, having fun with your friends.
    You found a great alternate use of a taxpayer-funded project which brings me to two pieces of grandfatherly advice:
    1. Delete the reference to the location. Some government bureaucrat will declare it to be a liability. You will show up one day and find heavy grates welded to both ends of the culvert.
    2. Check the ropes often, especially the one on the road sign. That metal can cut through the rope in short order. A loose sign could lop off a digit, slice an artery, etc. You get the idea. Put a carabiner on it.
    I don't want to see Tosh.0 putting 20 seconds on the clock for your next video.
    Have fun and thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    I love it! Dangerous? Walking out of your front door in the morning is dangerous... this looks fun. That is one long slide... how do you get back to the beginning to do it again?

    1 reply

    There are two ways to return to the top of this particular culvert. One way is to take a trail that leads back to the beginning. This takes a little while since it is about one mile if you don't shortcut anything. We usually take that way but shortcut it to about 1/2 mile by jumping a couple of fences.
    The other way is to walk back up the culvert, which is much shorter, but very slippery. I think 90% of people who get injured (although most people do not get injured) do so while trying to walk back up the culvert.


    You're probably right. I have done it several times and never felt unsafe, but we have always been very careful. The people I have seen get injured were injured by walking back up the culvert after they were done. It is very easy to slip on the concrete lining the bottom of the culvert and crack your teeth, as one kid did. We usually take the long way around. On the times were I do walk up the culvert, I walk slowly on the awkward but dry edge of the concrete rather than midstream, which is faster but much more slippery.