Ursula Face Paint



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This was a request! I'm still working on other requests so if you have given me one I am probably working on it! It's totally okay to remind me though. =) Anyways, I did this look and I had fun with it. I would say it looks creepy but I guess she's suppose to. The character is obviously much larger then I am so I just worked with what I had. Haha I hope you like it! Subscribe to my youtube page to help support my art! youtube.com/msmaomaoz

Step 1: Base

(I kept the first picture because I thought it was funny)

I used blue, peach, and white cream paint and mixed them together to get a gray purple color. I then used a sponge to put it all over my face.

Step 2: Sketch It Out

As I normally do I used a white eyeliner to sketch out my idea. For this I sketched out the wrinkles and the mouth.

Step 3: Shadowing

Using purple eye shadow I filled in all the lines I made and blended them out. This is to give the face more character and shape. She has a pronounced chin and cheeks.

Step 4: Lips

I used red body paint from Mehron to fill in where her lips are.

Step 5: Eyebrows

I used a black eye shadow from Urban Decay called black out to draw on the brows. They are very large and almost remind me of snakes. Haha

Step 6: Teeth

I filled in the teeth with white body paint from Mehron.

Step 7: Random Details

I used a few different shades of purple to shadow under the brow, then I used nyx jumbo pencil in milk to act as a shadow base. Keeping in mind that her eyelid is much bigger then mine.

Step 8: Eye Shadow

Taking a few shades of blue eye shadow I'm going to put that on my lid and blend it up pretty high. I'm also dragging some under my lid. I will also be taking the darkest blue to go around the top of the blue shadow to help with the illusion of a new lid.

Step 9: Eye Liner

I took a black liquid eyeliner and used it to add her mole, as well as adding a wing liner to my eyes.

Step 10: More Shadowing

I used more purple shadow to contour my nose.

Step 11: Shadowing More

using black eye shadow I shadowed around the teeth and the lips giving them more of a 3D look and giving it more detail.

Step 12: Body

for the body I used the white eye liner to sketch out the necklace then I used that same cream makeup that I used on my face to cover my chest.

Step 13: Necklace

I used yellow body paint to fill in the shell then used yellow, orange, and black eye shadow to shadow and detail the shell .

Step 14: Chain

I used black body paint from Mehron to add the chain

Step 15: Shadowing and Stuff

To add more detail I used different purple shadows to go around the body and add shadowing.



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