Ursula Makeup Tutorial


Introduction: Ursula Makeup Tutorial

They weren't kidding when they called me well...a witch!

I have a voice again! Hope you enjoy this Ursula tutorial! Don't forget to check out my etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing one of my Villain veil headbands!

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Foundation: Makeup Forever Hd foundation 102 Concealer: Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer light Powder: Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Brows: CIATE pencil and liquid liner pen Eyes: NYX femme fatale sex bomb palette (matte black) Coastal Scents Mirage Palette (shimmery sky blue) Clinique eyeshadow (lavender out load) MAC paint pot Painterly, CIATE pencil and liquid liner pen, Ardell Lashes Cheeks: Sugar Pill loose shadow pot (Strangeling) Lips: NYX Coppenhagen soft matte lip cream



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