Ursula From the Little Mermaid

Introduction: Ursula From the Little Mermaid

First I began with a black bridesmaids dress that i bought at a thrift store for 8 bucks. Then I went to the fabric store to buy the same silk taffeta in black and purple for the tentacles. I made a rough pattern out of cardboard for the tentacles. Once they were cut, I then sewed the black and purple fabric inside out so that all of the seaming would end up inside. Before flipping them to the right I lined each tentacle with wire so that it would bend. I then took the finished tentacle and stuffed it with Polyester Fiber Fill (the stuff you stuff toy animals with). I sewed them onto the dress at the edge so that it looked like the tentacle and dress were one. And hand stitched the ones I placed higher on the dress to hide where they began.(so it wouldn't look like tentacles were just appearing) I wanted more support for the dress so i turned on of the tentacles into a strap. The suction cups on the tentacles were the tops of lavender balloons. I hot glued them onto the tentacles. I made the jewelry from actual seashells that I had left over from when i was a mermaid and spray painted them gold. I attached the shells to broken earrings that were lying around in my jewelry box.

Step 1: Ursula

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