Usability Testing on Farberware Soft Grips 3 Can Opener

Let's test our new can opener.

Step 1: To Begin.

Have a can and your can opener ready.

Step 2: Be Careful.

Work on a flat surface.

Step 3: See the Two Wheels?

Look at the design of the can opener.

Step 4: The Metal Leg Is a Brace.

Place the opener right next to the can.

Step 5: Opening Larger Cans

Tilt the can opener so the tip of the leg brace touches the can.

Step 6: Engagement of Larger Cans

Apply steady downward pressure while turning the wheel to engage the can.

Step 7: Apply Gentle Pressure.

Engage the can and begin to turn.

Step 8: The Wheels Engage.

Notice the crimping around the edges.

Step 9: Opener Is Finished.

The opener will slightly disengage.

Step 10: Gently Lift Up.

The lid will begin to come up.

Step 11: Time to Eat.

Gently remove the lid.

Step 12: The Chef Must Clean Up.

Dispose of the lid in a trash receptacle.



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