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Introduction: Usb Wall Outlet Hack

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Everyone Uses It All the Time,Maybe You Are Using It Right Now As Well!
But Every phone has One Disadvantage!
That It Runs Out Of juice really Fast!
These Days Finding Phone Chargers make Our Heads Spin!
So I Decided To Hack My Ac Wall Outlet Into A Built In Phone Charger!
Now No one Can Remove your Charger From Your Room To Use It!
Moreover It Is Easy To Use As well As make!

Step 1: Gather All the Materials!!

In Order To Hack Your Wall Outlet You Need a Few Things!
1) 5v USB Wall Adapter!(This Will Fit Inside The Ac Outlet!)

2) Female Usb Port!(we are Not Going To Remove The Port From The USB Charger,Instead We are going To Connect a New one!)
(You Can Find These Locally!)


Step 2: Precaution!

Make Sure You Turn Off Your Main Power Of your House while opening the Ac Outlet!

Step 3: Removing the Front Panel!

Now We Would need to remove the Front Panel Of Your AC Outlet!
Mine Has 4 Screws In The Front By which I took out the panel!
Now You Will find 3 Color wires in it!
The Color Might Be Different in Your AC outlet!
If You Don't Understand The Wires Better To Call A Electrician For this!

Step 4: Making Space for the New Usb Port!

Now You Need To Make A Rectangle Cutout For USB Port!

Step 5: Taking Apart the Wall Charger!

Now We Need to Open Up The Wall Chargers Casing and take out its board from it!
Just apply a small amount of pressure near the Pins And it would come out!

Step 6: Replacing Wires on the Circuit Board!

Now The Wires On The Circuit Board Are Really Short So We Need To extend Them, You Can do that by replacing them with new wires,Now Instead of Removing the USB from The Board,I Directly Soldered 2 Wires To the usb port on the circuit!
In My Case- Orange=Negative
red= Positive!

Step 7: Wiring Everything Up!

Now I Prepared This Wiring Diagram!
Whole Project Is Based On This!
Now I Soldered The USB wires from the Circuit Board To the Female USB Port!
Make Sure to Solder In Right Polarities!

Step 8: Placing the Components Inside!

Now Apply Some Hot Glue On the Back Of The Circuit Board & Place It Inside The Ac outlet!
Now Twist The Live Wire From The Circuit with the Live of Ac outlet
& Twist the negative wire from the Circuit To Negative Of AC outlet!
Screw The Front Panel Back Into its place!

Step 9: Testing!

Now We Have Successfully hacked our AC outlet Into a AC outlet With Built In USB Charger!



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    24 Discussions

    regardless of where you live, this level of understanding mixed with mains voltage is a recipe for disaster. SERIOUSLY

    dangit we Americans need to change everything... our mains, our measurement system etc.

    1 reply

    you got that right and your tv standard as well. good luck with all that...


    2 years ago

    gnd is 0v not -5v. rest is fine, nice job.

    Hi Rick,
    I Am Sorry If It Illegal In Your Country!
    anyway, I am Still Using it And It wasn't getting heated!
    I don't Think It would cause fire at your House though!
    What Can Be The Cause Of The FIRE!
    Thank you For Demotivating Everyone!

    Where in the world do they still use 5 and 15 amp round sockets?

    You can't do this in the UK it would be illegal unless certified by a qualified electrician and I can't see one doing that.

    + you can buy sockets with a USB outlet on them.

    5 replies

    It wouldn't be illegal in the UK. Unwise, maybe, as there are type-tested sockets already on the market. But not illegal. I'm a UK electrician, BTW.
    There are still a few countries that use 5 & 15a sockets.

    I would bow to your experience, my retired electrician thinks differently!

    In this case as I see it an unofficial modification to an existing power outlet will void the manufacturers responsibility to provide a safe and certified unit as well as voiding the certification of the USB socket as well. It would, if in the UK, certainly no longer meet BS 7671.

    I understand that there are such outlets available and no doubt certified by the manufacturer but this would be a different case. Imagine what your insurers would say after the ensuing fire.

    And Yeah I forgot To tell
    I Live in India Most Of the cities have These round sockets!
    Sorry If You got Offended In any way In my last comment!

    Thank You, But If You Go Like This You will find many Instructables Which are which are illegal in uk!
    But Hey Seriously?
    These readymade wall outlets cost more than 20$ This Was Only For 2 Bucks!
    Talking About this Being Illegal In Uk, Can You Please Elaborate This?
    In my Country This Is Not Illegal!
    and Again thank You For The "CONSTRUCTIVE" criticism!

    Nice idea. The charging circuitry has mostly a long life. It's the wires which keep becoming faulty, so works out great since you will only have to switch cable.

    Another thing I thought is that you can wire the charger circuitry through the switch. That way it will only work when switch is on. The charger is a switched one so power wastage when not in use is very less, but still, you have a button already present. Why not use it and save the bit of energy which is wasted all throughout the day?

    2 replies

    You Are Correct. In My Case I Used The Button On the panel already(Still Thanks For The Tip ya!)
    I will Update That In Next Version!

    I understand the button is for switching power on and off to the appliance connected to the socket. What I meant was that the switch can control both the USB and the socket.
    That way if you only want to power the USB and not the appliance, you can take out its plug from the socket.
    If you want to use both, connect appliance to socket and phone to USB and switch it on.
    If you want to use none, just switch off.
    The only downside is if you want only the appliance to work, that will not be possible as the charger will also work. But still it will be better than having it powered all the time.

    That'll be the WHOLE HOUSE "incomer" breaker. Not for just one single circuit.

    I hope :)

    yeah I hope so! also I have never seen that type of wall outlet

    5 and 15 amp sockets are still widely used in South Africa, the 13 amp square plugs, are extremely difficult to find there. As for having this clever USB outlet in your wall socket, every wall socket in my house in UK has one of these USB outlets, so one can charge their phone anywhere in the house.

    1 reply

    Thats Pretty Cool,
    I would like That kind of house! like Charging your phone everywhere!

    but why would one hardwire a perfect phone charger to one single socket?
    a standard charger with two prong is far better because it can be plugged in anywhere in any socket!