Usb Lamp With Dark Sensor


Introduction: Usb Lamp With Dark Sensor

this is a cheap and easy way to use the usb power for the purpose of getting light. it consists of led, a transistor and some resistors. this can be used as a light source for the webcams at night, it can also be used  as a table lamp . if you like the circuit please rate it .    

Step 1: Parts List

12 x   bright white leds 1200 
1    x  2N3904
1    x 100 r resistor
1    x  10k resistor
1    x  usb cable 
1    x 10 r 1/2 watt resistor
1    x LDR

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

complete the circuit according to the circuit diagram, connect the led in parallel (you can add more led if you need) also check fr the polarity of the led before placing it on the board because re-soldering makes the circuit messy

Step 3: Step 2

Step 4: Conclusion

 hope you like the circuit...... 



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    11 Discussions

    And you don't follow your own circuit diagram. That is confusing for those who look at your pictures.

    4 replies

    It should not be difficult for the author to find that, but where is your 10 Ohm 1/2W resistor on your schematic??

    And maybe a LDR should be in the part list as well.
    Apart from that, the circuit works well.