Use 3D Printer to Print the Enclosure for PcDuino 3

pcDuino is a new star in the open source market, it has the Arduino IDE, it is easy for you to have the access to arbitrary electronic just like the Arduino, in other hand, if you need the power or an ARM-based processor to run Linux, the pcDuino is your best choice, for it can use as a Single-board, so if you get your hands on one pcDuino, it means that you own both Arduino and Rapberry Pi.

As the title, use 3D printer to print the enclosure for pcDuino3 box.

Step 1: Assembly Process


The button of the box printed by 3D printer

Box cover printed by 3D printer

Fix the three screws to the button of he box of pcDuino3

Then install the cover of the box, fix the bottom of the box with long screws.

Step 2: STL Files

Click pcDuino3 to download the STL module for pcDuino3 box

Original post from: LinkSprite learning center



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