Use a Stove Butane Cartridge to Fill Lighters





Introduction: Use a Stove Butane Cartridge to Fill Lighters

I know that light butane can be very expensive while stove butane is cheap. This is to show you how to make a permanent adaptor.

What you need

Butane cartridge
Bic pen
Hot glue or epoxy
Angled cutters
A lighter to fill and test

Step 1: Cleaning

Make sure that the can is clean and has butane in it. After it's is clean proceed to the next step

Step 2: The Valve

This is what will connect to the lighter. A bic pen needs to be taken Apart. Once taken apart, use the cutters to cut approximately 1-2cm(.5-1in). Then clean and proceed to next step

Step 3: The Adaptor

Get the length of bic pen and use the pliers to hold the bic pen in place. Then use hot glue/epoxy to glue it in place. Make sure the glue doesn't enter the valve openings.

Hot glue can easily be adjusted if it is the the wrong place and dries fast.
Epoxy will give a stronger hold and little to no leaks will occur.

Step 4: Test

Put the can upside down and press on the nozzle. There should be a white mist of butane that comes out. Don't touch this as it is -50degrees Celsius or -58degrees Fahrenheit

Step 5: Final Bit

Test your can if butane with a light. Only hold it there for 1-3s depending on the size. While filling it will leak quite a bit because the cartridge is higher pressure than the normal lighter cartridges. Fix any leaks that are from the joint but not the filling adaptor. Try the lighter. If it doesn't ignite then turn the knob on the filling valve anticlockwise to allow more butane to flow, the butane muse not travel too fast so to compensate for it more butane is released. Play with how much butane is filled to get the correct pressure

Step 6: Enjoy Ur Cheap Butane

Enjoy ur cheaper butane and just make another adapter if the can runs out!

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    6 Discussions


    5 months ago

    Could i use any pen?
    We dont have bic pens here in Thailand


    use aquarium airline tubing between plastic tube ant valve thats work fine

    I never got around to making another instructable, but this is a simple overview. Use the nozzle from another spray can, and drill a hole until it passes through to the end that attaches onto the can. Then glue the adapter nozzle in and seal the original out-the-side nozzle. No leaks on that one.

    Yes I do

    If it's hot glue, use a soldering iron to smooth it out And cover the holes. If epoxy then put more on

    Thanks for asking !