Use Car Vacuum, Tyre Inflater, Led Etc. at Home

This is my first instructables so please (beer) bear with me..

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Step 1: Things Required in This

Things require in this..

1. Car accessory

2. 12V AC-DC adaptor

3. Wire pieces

4. Lil patience

Step 2: Hook 12V Adaptor to Car Accessory

Here first you should know the polarity of the car cigarette lighter plug & 12V adaptor

Almost 99% of the car cigarette lighter plug & 12V adaptor pin's polarity is outer -ive & inner +ive (99% coz am not sure 100%)

Refer the images.

Now take two wires & connect both positve & both negatives. you can use rubber bands also to hold the wires

Now connect the adaptor to power & enjoy your car accessory at home...easy!!!

Note:- you can find 12V adaptor in your modem, router, electric shaver, trimmer etc.

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    3 years ago

    You will need quite a chunky DC adapter to do this. I've got one of those little little compressors, and a 12V/5Amp power supply which "runs" it, but it definitely starts to bog down once the pressure starts building -- due to the voltage dropping.

    It runs much better on a car battery!

    A 12v adapter from a modem/router/shaver will probably be killed in quite short order (most are only 800mA-2Amp). Go bigger!