Use Enocean Devices With TimeSquAir

Introduction: Use Enocean Devices With TimeSquAir

You want to add some devices at TimeSquAir ? This tutorial is made for you :)

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Step 1: Get Some Enocean Devices

You can by them on
And you'll need a Enocean USB 300 dongle to enable the communication between your products and TimeSquAir.

Step 2: Connect the USB Dongle on the TimeSquAir's Pi

Step 3: Install the Encocean Nodes

Go in the menu → import → node and type « ttb-enocean ». Wait for the installation, and then reboot. You can now use enOCean devices.

Examples :

  • Receiving temperature

  • Occupancy sensors (PIR)

  • Contact sensors

  • Switches

Step 4: Make EnOcean Products Appear on Node-RED

  • Remote: push simultaneously on "+" and "filled circle" and the switch's node will appear on the workspace.
  • Contact sensors: On the back there's a little button, press it and it'll appear on the workspace.
  • Temperature sensor: Same way as the Contact sensors press the button on the back.

  • Occupancy sensors: You'll find the button on the bottom, press it.

Step 5: Use Devices

Each device has its own properties, you can see those properties with the
“debugger”. Edit the debugger and change the output by “display the complete message object” (see examples as follows).

Step 6: The Remote

If you press any button of your remote it'll display something like :
{ "topic": "coldfacts/enocean/29C849", "payload": "Pressed 29C849 button 10", "BtData": "10", "senderID": "29C849", "intent": 0, "_msgid": "2a6d0de0.d592f2" }

You will have a message when you press and when you release.

Step 7: The Temperature Sensor

The sensor checks the temperature every 100 secs. If the temperature changes for more
than 0,5°C compared to previous value, the new temperature is sent to the Gateway. Without any variation, the temperature is sent every 15 minutes.

Normally you'll have a message like: { "topic": "coldfacts/enocean/018A76E5", "message": "Received Temperature 23.2 from 018A76E5", "senderID": "018A76E5", "temperature": 23.21, "payload": "23.21", "_msgid": "48fe8ff1.b7017" }

Step 8: The Occupancy Sensor

Combine with its magnet, the sensor detects the “Open” or “Closed” status of the
window or the door. With the debugger the message will be : { "topic": "coldfacts/enocean/8AE632", "senderID": "8AE632", "message": "Received contact CLOSE from 8AE632", "payload": 0, "intent": 0, "_msgid": "fd328bc9.02cd78" }

The msg.payload's value "1" means it's "opened" and "0" means "closed".

You can now use those properties to compare, detect or measure whatever you want, and link any parameters to actions (emails, SMS, Light, Sound...).

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