Use Plastic Bottle As a Bag Locker




We keep producing plastic bottles everyday in our life. Random disposal of those bottles may lead to potential pollution to our environment. Here, we introduce a simple way of reusing plastic bottles, to make it zip-loc of other plastic bags. By following the simple steps below, you'll get your own "green" bag zip-locker.

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Step 1: Preparation

Before we get started, you need to prepare yourself with:
1. a used clean plastic bottle
2. n small knife to cut off the bottle

Step 2: Adjust the Plastic Bottle to a Bag Locker

Cut the bottle as shown in the picture. Keep the the cap and a small part of the body of the bottle (as illustrated in picure). Then use the knife to elaborate your work, make the cutting edge smooth, to prevent it from cutting yourself.

Step 3: Have Your Bag Locker and Bag Ready

Now the zip-loc is almost done. Let's show you how to make use of it.
Here we have a bag of potato chips that has not finished up.

Step 4: Put the Bag Into the Bag Locker

Let the bag go through the hole of the plastic bottle, squeeze out the air in the bag.

Step 5: We Are Done

Screw the cap, make it tied.
Now we are done.

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