Use Your Cell Phone As a Video Slate


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Intro: Use Your Cell Phone As a Video Slate

A very cool app on the Apple iPhone is an animated clapper slate that is used for marking scenes.  It looks just like a real slate and "claps" for sync sound purposes. I don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch and don't want to pay for either, but I do want a video slate always on me.  That could be very handy.

One program that should be available on any smart phone platform (droid, palm, iPhone) is a countdown timer.  I have one on my Palm Centro called BigClock.  This is a clock, alarm and timer with very large numbers.  I can use these numbers as slate information as opposed to just timing information.

In the example below, I've set the timer for 42 days, 13 hours and 38 minutes.  When I hold the phone up to the camera, it becomes "Scene 42, Shot 13, Take 38".  Very handy.

The original BigClock is still available for download, as is the newer, user compiled Treo 600 / Centro version.  Check the web for a countdown timer available for your phone.

Slate it!

Step 1: And Here's the Video Version...

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