Use a Bluetooth Speaker With IPad

Lijuan is a ballet dancer, so being able to play her music through a speaker is a must. With this ability, she can dance her heart out with the music from her iPad in a louder fashion.

Instructional techniques:

  1. Small, and simple structural agenda to increase focus on certain tasks. (Pictures included)
  2. Direct visuals for each step, modeling the concept. Pointing and arrows to help guide within visuals. (TPR)
  3. Translations to Mandarine Chinese for each step (done by free and translated back to English for accuracy). This gives students room for error, and decreases the chance of them loosing confidence because they have cultural support.
  4. Pre-teach vocabulary with a graphic organizer (left, right, middle, bottom, top). This promotes vocabulary learning through real-world interaction. (

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Step 1: Turn on Speaker (middle)


Step 2: Go to Settings on IPad (middle-bottom)

请转至 “设置” 在 iPad 上

Step 3: Go to Bluetooth (top-left)


Step 4: Turn on Bluetooth (top-right)


Step 5: Click on Name of Speaker


Step 6: Go to Music App (right)

转至 “音乐” 应用程序

Step 7: Choose Music to Play


Step 8: Adjust Volume (left + Right -)


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