Use a Coat to Make a Pet Carrier Cover




It's below freezing and your kitty or other small pet needs to go to the vet. Here is a simple, quick, and free idea to keep Fluffy warm and calm during transport!
*Note: unzip the coat once the car is warmed up to let in lots of air!

Step 1: Pack Up Kitty.

Get your animal into her small carrier.

Step 2: Grab a Coat

It's best to choose a coat that fits around the carrier with 2-3 inches of space to spare between the carrier and interior of the coat. Bigger is fine. Choose a coat with drawstrings at the top and botton, and preferably a hood.

Step 3: Place Carrier Inside of Coat.

Slide the carrier into the face-up coat. I prefer to have the front of the carrier facing the bottom of the coat - you will see why in the next step.

Step 4: Begin Bringing Bottom Edges Together.

Most coats do not allow you to use the drawstrings to completely enclose the bottom of the coat. To make the bottom nice and snug, bring the edges of the coat together and...

Step 5: Secure With Bottom Drawstring.

Slide the gathered edge through the drawstring and draw tight. Unless it's below zero, I like to leave a small bottom section loose to vent air. Remember - warm air rises, cool air sinks, so make it a bottom edge!

Step 6: Now for the Other Side...

Turn kitty around. Gently pull on the coat and hood to ensure the coat is smoothly around the carrier.

Step 7: Zzzzzzip!

Zip it up! Draw the strings on the hood to collapse the opening about halfway.

Step 8: Tuck in the Hood.

Invert the hood into the coat, ensuring that the back of the coat behind the hood is securely tucked up against the carrier.

Step 9: Finishing Move!

Bring the arms of the coat over the top of the carrier and tie them tight. You can easily grasp the carrier's handle through the coat fabric with a little digging around. And check it out - a handy pocket on top for any of that paperwork that the vet likes to sling at you as you're walking out the office door!



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    Very clever! I bet it can really help the animal to feel calm and safe. Welcome to instructables!