Use a Cordless Drill to Make Coffee in the Old Fashion Way




Introduction: Use a Cordless Drill to Make Coffee in the Old Fashion Way

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I LOVE coffee, I LIVE coffee, I....well anyway you get the idea, I'm pretty much useless without my early morning hot, dark, caffeine-filled beverage. Call it an addiction, I just call it a missing element in my blood.

The best coffee is made from fresh grinded beans and I happen to like the coffee made with anI talian coffee-can or espresso maker on my gas stove.

I recently bought an old hand-cranked coffee grinder on a flea-market and after cleaning the thing I started grinding coffee beans. Ass I was turning the crank like a madman I thought by myself that:

  1. People from earlier days had all the time.
  2. People way-back had more patience then I have now.
  3. People from history had less craving for there coffee.
  4. People back then had stronger arms from doing hard work all day.
  5. People years ago weren't smart enough to invent a cordless drill and use it!

    Off course, that was it! My drill to the rescue! (You can even grind meat with it I've read somewhere around here ;-) )

Step 1: Needs

You will need:

  • A hand power coffee grinder.
  • A little drawer with coffee beens.
  • A cordless drill (With cord might work too, you never know).
  • A black cat (well that's optional actually, as long as the coffee is black, I'm ok with it)

Step 2: Need to Do

You will need to do:

  1. Stop turning the crank!
  2. Turn off the nut from the crank-axel.
  3. Turn on the drill on the axel.
  4. Turn the axel with the drill
  5. Turn yourself to the black gold called coffee

Step 3: Your Needs

After putting the grinded coffee in the espresso can with enough water, put it on the fire, wait until it cooks (oh no waiting!) poor the coffee in a cup and ENJOY!

(Next time I have to try to roast the beans myself)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The perfect answer to my broken crank-handle manual grinder. Too nice! Cool beans! Thank you. I am using a corded drill but that's okay.

    Dave A
    Dave A

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Glad I could help, I'll take another cup of coffee on that! ;-)