Use a Laser Engraver to Make Your Own Table Saw Push Sticks




Introduction: Use a Laser Engraver to Make Your Own Table Saw Push Sticks

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One of the handy things about the Laser Engraver is that you can get very nice, reproducible 90 degree cuts in MDF.

I took advantage of this fact to make some Push Sticks for use on the SawStop table saw at TechShop San Jose -

Step 1: Kinda Looks Like an Old Lady's Shoe...

But it keeps hands away from the table saw blade.

I designed this to be used right next to the SawStop's fence.

I think of Push Sticks as sacrificial - they're not meant for long term re-use.  If they get cut, that's still a safe deal.  Hands and fingers stay safer.

Step 2: I Use My Old Friend, 1/4" MDF

It's Cheap.

It cuts on a 45watt or 60watt Laser.

It's easy to reproduce these.

Here's the Corel Draw v15 file...

Step 3: And They're Ready to Use...

Once you've cut one or more of these, you can use them alone or glue a couple together to get a thicker Push Stick.

Happy Cutting and Safer Sawing!

Again, I'm getting my stuff done at TechShop -

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Fair Deal. I'm adding an additional file that has no handles.

    I've got colleagues with differing points of view on this one. I'll let the reader/user make the choice with an additional option.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    A handle is a good idea. But there are designs with open handles that just make me feel more comfortable. The whole open vs. closed didn't dawn on me until after I'd made one of this design. This is a very popular design and it works. Now when I use my closed one that resembles this I don't put my fingers through the hole. But that is a less comfortable grip so I prefer using my open handle push stick more. I guess if nothing bad ever happens then it doesn't really matter. Then again push sticks are so when bad things happen they don't happen to you! I mean let's face it when you put your fingers in that hole they're sort of trapped. Maybe you'll get your hand out in time, probably even, but I'd rather not have to think about if I don't.

    Another nice addition is a replaceable back hook. That way as you use the push stick you don't have to discard it after a short period of use. I know with some push sticks I've used them when all that was left was like a toothpick hanging there for the back hook. Not the safest safety equipment.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    A better design is not to have an enclosed handle. With an open handle you are not as likely to get trapped in the push stick if things go wrong. This increases your safety and isn't that what the push stick is for?