Use a Variable Speed Angle Grinder As Cutter AND Rotator! for Wood Lathe Alternative!!! (now on Makerprojects Too)

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I think this is a good "farm Hack" and my father would be proud of it.  I had to put a round end on a square piece of wood to replace a wheelbarrow handle. This worked well enough!  Just  passing it on in case others also needed an occasional  cheap wood lathe alternative!  I might never do it again.  Brian
27th November,  Make Magazine asked me to add it to makerprojects so you can find it there too. (but not much detail yet),  The video still contains the most information.

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    OK, then, as far as I know, this is completely new. From past experience, I know that most people are creeped out by really different stuff and they shy away from it. Please take an interest. It is quite possible that angle grinder makers will make disks just to do this. But only if people like you show enough interest. It is a chicken and egg situation right now. If you don't warm to the egg, there will be no chicken. A whole new type of lathe could come out of this! Nobody knows what is at the end of the road until they journey down it. Brian


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like this, it's a clever way to solve this woodworking problem.

    Worked for me! 10 minutes before I did it, I had NO IDEA I would even try it or that it would work. The grinder was right there behind me and desperation was setting in so why not? Nothing else was working!