Use Special Characters in Batch Files


Introduction: Use Special Characters in Batch Files

This tutorial will show you how to use special characters in batch files
For example in a batch file this won't work
Echo á

Step 1: Open Cmd

First open cmd.exe
Paste in
for %X in (a-acc:á e-acc:é i-acc:í o-acc:ó u-acc:ú u:uml:ü n-til:ñ) do (@echo:%X) >> international.txt
That will give you áéóúñ in a format they can be viewed from a batch file just copy the symbol out of international.txt which should be located in C:\Users\Your-username-here

Step 2: The End

You can replace the letters áéóúñ with symbols you want just change then in the line you pasted into cmd.

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    3 Discussions

    Bala M

    1 year ago

    Hello Batchcc,

    I have tried the above command for some other special characters such as ° â ç µ etc...

    But it doesn't help me..can you please suggest me to resolve the error? I have attached the error screenshot.Thank you!!

    1 reply

    Is cmd creating the file?the characters that kt create in the text file may look like spaces; however, when added to a batch file they should work. If this doesn't help can you tell me a little more about the problem? -Batchcc