Use the V360 Camera to Create Video Data Overlay (telemetry)

Introduction: Use the V360 Camera to Create Video Data Overlay (telemetry)

Videos with speed, GPS track, laps etc, graphics overlay are informative and just plain cool!. It really helps the video tell a story.

Usually you need a:
1. camera to record a video,
2. and a separate device to record telemetry data
3. SW to overlay the graphics on the video.


Here are some steps on how to do this with the V.360 action cam, with out the need of a separate telemetry device. For some reason, If you go to the V360 (vsnmobil) page, there is almost no info on this feature of the camera. The V360 records GPS lat, long, speed, accelerometer, barometer in a CSV file right next to the video.
The telemetry CSV file and the video are in synch already! The camera firmware version must be upgraded to 1.11 in order for this to work properly.

Here I am using the software Race Render to do the graphics overlay, but there are other options that understand the CSV format that comes out of the V.360 camera.

Step 1: Step 1: Enable Telemetry on the V360

Using the mobile V360 app, enable the Telemetry option on your V360 camera.
All videos recorded from then on will have a csv file along with the video file, containing the telemetry data.

Note: When enabling telemetry feature, I like to change the video recording resolution to 3840x640 (instead of the using the highest 6480x1080), to prevent video skipping in my recordings. Video skipping may happen if you are recording in high resolution (6480x1080) with telemetry and the sd card is not very fast,...or is low in space.
You can also try using a really fast sd card with VERY high write speeds.

Step 2: Step 2: Copy the Files to Your PC

Race Render is a Windows/Mac application. You will need the video file and matching csv file loaded on your PC. Plug your camera to your PC via USB.

Step 3: Step 3: Create a New Project in RR

Open up Race Render application, and start a new project. I usually pick a template that looks like the output that I'm looking for.

Step 4: Step 4: Select the Video and Csv File

Point Race Render to the video and matching CSV file.

Step 5: Adjust, Crop Video

This part is a little tricky. Since the videos out of the V360 do not have a regular aspect ratio, you will must likely have to adjust the video. See the notes on the attached image...

Step 6: Step 6: 6. Match the Column Categories

Here you must match the Race Render data categories with the CSV file column. It is not difficult since the names are obvious. See attached image.

Step 7: Step 7: Tweak Other Options, and Create Video

You can tweak many options on Race Render. Click on Create Video to export the final video output with the gauges

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    Thanks! I thought this may be helpful to some people. I may update this with more details if people request it.