Use Your Old Star Wars Action Figures to Make a Cool Star Wars Themed Christmas Tree

Introduction: Use Your Old Star Wars Action Figures to Make a Cool Star Wars Themed Christmas Tree

    If your like me you probably have some old Star Wars action figures from your childhood stashed away some where.  Well why not drag those old figures out, dust them off, and do something creative, and fun with them.  Make your very own Star Wars themed Christmas tree. Its sure to be a hit with all your family and friends this and future Holiday seasons. 
    There is not much to it and if you already have the toys it can be done for less than the price of a can of soup you would give to a food bank as a charitable donation this time of year

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Go find that old Darth Vader case from 1977 full of action figures and pull those guys out its time to give them a new life.  Other than the figure the only tool you will need is a pair of wire cutters and some very thin gauge wire.  

Step 2: Cut and Wrap Wire Around Your Figure

Take several inches of wire cut it approximately 4-5" and wrap it around an action figures head. You will need a few coils of wire twisted up to keep the figure in place and enough left over to form a hook for hanging on a tree branch.   Be careful not to twist it too tight as this has lead to accidental decapitation of a few of my figures.

Step 3: Bend Wire Into a Hook

This step is the easiest and pretty self explanatory.  Bend your wire in to a hook so it can hang on your tree.  Make sure your hook is bent so that when its hanging on your tree your figure is facing towards you

Step 4: Hang Your Action Figure on Your Tree

Here comes the fun part after you have wired your guys for hanging arrange them all over your tree.

Step 5: Here Is What My Tree Came Out Looking Like

I wired up 20 or more vintage figures this year and placed them all over our Christmas tree then topped it off with an old Yoda hand puppet.  I hope you enjoyed my instructional blog.  Thanks for checking it out and Merry Christmas !

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    You took them out of the package!!!

    J/K What child can resist opening a package full of awesomeness and playing with the contents.

    Nice idea too. I'll have to rummage through my mothers crawl space to see what old action figures I can find.

    I hope she didn't throw out my He-Man and the masters of the universe or Godzilla toys I used to play with.