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Introduction: Used Coffee Pod Holder

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Who would have believed you if, ten years ago, someone told you vending machine coffee etc. would be sold to you at premium prices. Here we are, and we're surrounded by K-Cups, Tassimo and Dolce Gusto pods, amongst others !

Our "pod" machine left us wondering what to do with the used pods, still full of water, leaking and dripping, being flung towards the sink (basin), prior to disposal. Putting them in the bin (trash) immediately was no use, because they'd leak and make a mess of that too.

A simple solution was literally in front of me - a plastic bottle (in this example a milk carton), but I'm sure other types will be available wherever you are in the world.

Cut the top off the bottle however you wish, but if it has a handle you might find it useful to leave that in place as a "spout".

Leave this container next to the pod machine, ready to dump the used pods into.

Over time, the pods will leak some of the liquid left inside.

This liquid can be drained off easily by squeezing the open end of the container to stop the pods falling out, and the handle can be used as a spout to direct where you pour it away.

You can dispose of the full container upright in your normal trash to reduce mess, or recycle the plastic container as you normally would if recycling facilities are available where you live, having reduced the amount of mess the pods will make.

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