Useful Duct Tape Hacks

Introduction: Useful Duct Tape Hacks

Duct tape was designed during World War II. It was first used to keep water out of ammunition cases. It was found to work so well that people started using it to fix many other things. Duct tape was also used by the military because it is said the tape will stick in winds even at speeds of 100 miles per hour. Duct tape got its name from its use on heating and air conditioning ducts but oddly enough, that is the one use that the tape is not very good for.

The following are 5 Duct tape hacks that are very useful.

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Step 1: Duct Tape Hacks

1. Prevent blisters from ruining you day

When you first feel the symptoms of an impending blister (i.e., burning, friction, or irritation), apply duct tape over the irritated spot as smoothly as possible. If a blister has already developed, protect it from the duct tape’s glue by placing a circle of paper or gauze directly over the blister, and then apply the duct tape on top. Pain will be gone.

2. Make an Emergency Bandage

If you’re nowhere near a first aid kit when someone develops a cut, apply some clean fabric to the wound and then wrap duct tape around the cut (applying firm, but not constrictive, pressure) to hold the fabric in place for temporary use.

3. Trap Bugs

No one wants flying insects buzzing around inside. Keep bugs at bay by hanging long strips of duct tape from the ceiling . If you’re looking do your workout out of your bug trapping, wrap a tennis racket or a badminton racket in duct tape (sticky side out) and wave it around to trap the little bugs.

4. Get Stronger Arms

This move is super simple. Just hold a large roll of duct tape out to your side, and keep holding it there until you no longer can. Then repeat with the other arm.(of course you can do it with other stuffs!)

Note: The above step may seem easy, but actually it is not.

5. Open a jar using duct tape

Whack a piece of duct tape on the lid of a jar you don't have the strength to open but make sure the piece is large enough for you to grab a hold of. Pull the duct tape in the direction the jar is meant to open till it opens.

6.Make your sneaker waterproof

If you want to go past water and sadly if you are wearing your sneakers, and if you don't want your sneakers and your feet getting wet, then you can can cover your sneakers using duct tape till you reach your destination.

7. Make a belt

Get a long piece of duct tape (depends on the size of your belly), and fold it along its length, with the non-sticky part outside and tie it around your waist and put a knot to hold your pant. You can hide the duct tape by tucking out your shirt.

8. Create a Spear

You just need a knife, a long sturdy and a straight wooden stick, and of course duct tape. Join the handle of the knife, and the wooden stick using duct tape.

9. Keep Drinks Upright

If you find yourself in a situation where your drink might get bumped, sticking it inside a big roll of tape can keep it from spilling. This trick could come in handy at a party where someone might knock it over, but it has its uses in everyday life as well. I might use this at my computer desk or when playing video games so my drink won't get upended by any wires, and it could also save you from a big headache at your workbench, where an erratic swing of a hammer could send it flying.

10. Get Rid of Tape Residue

Most tape leaves a residue when you remove it, and the cure is the same as the culprit. When there is a tape residue, just press it against the residue and pull the tape off. With the exception of a tiny bit on the edge of the mirror, the tape removed the residue easily. Nothing wrong with a self-solving problem!

11. Make a Super Cheap Book Weight Out of Pennies and Duct Tape

Smaller books have the annoying habit of snapping shut if you don't hold the pages down with your hands. Throw together your own book weight with some pennies and some duct tape to keep it open at all times. Take a strip of duct tape that is of the width of the book. Then stick the pennies on the sticky side of the tape (covering whole of the tape).

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    5 years ago


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Reference #2: If you're nowhere near a first aid kit, how on earth can one expect to have any sterile, absorbent fabric available?

    Reference #4: Love it!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    A lot of survival guides recommend boiling cotton fabric and using that as a bandage, so I'd say that if you have strips of a shirt you'll have the fabric needed.