Useful Cool Trendy Keyring Tags!

Introduction: Useful Cool Trendy Keyring Tags!

Inspired by some cool keyring tags made by bcloyd
I created my own keyring tags only modifying the material and tags on the keyring.

I was able to create my own keyrings with cool trendy tags.

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Step 1: Setting Up the File

There are a number of programs you can use to set up a file. In this case I used adobe illustrator to design my keyrings and the tags for the keyrings. Because we want to cut trough material, you will only work with vector lines. The vector lines should be all red (you will have to change the rgb colors and set the thickness of the lines to 0.072.


Step 2: Cutting the Keyrings

When your illustrator file for your project is ready to go, you can select the material for your project. You can choose wood, plastic, fabric or paper. For this project we chose to use plastic with a thickness of 3mm. 

Once you have selected the right material for your project, you can go to a laser cutter and cut out your keyrings.
For this project we have used a laser cutter from universal laser systems.

This laser is good for:
- Cutting: wood, plastic, fabric, paper.
- Engraving: glass, wood, plastic, fabric, stone, carton-paper.
- Optimizing nesting.

It also handles software like Illustrator/Photoshop/Inkscape easily.

When you done selecting the material and the cutter, just place your material in the cutter and hit GO.

Step 3: Your Keyrings

When the cutter is finished, you're the new owner of your own cool and trendy keyrings. You can now use the keyrings with the custom made tags to specify the use of a certain key or just attached them to your bundle of keys to quickly grab a key from a big bundle of keys.

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