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Introduction: Useless Box

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This Useless Box is a box that when you turn the switch on, an arm will pop out of the box and turn itself off. These are instructions on how to make one for yourself!

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Step 1: Useless Box: Pieces

1. Use this link to 3-D print all of the pieces for the box.

( )

There are a few other pieces that are not included on the 3-D printable plan, so use this link to find the rest of the parts that are needed.

( )

Step 2: Useless Box: Drilling

2. Once all of the pieces are printed, you must use a drill to make all of the holes one the pieces larger. This is because the holes that are printed are not a standard size of screw. For the lid pieces and the box itself, you must mark the holes with a sharpie because there are no pre made holes. When marking the holes, make sure to measure correctly by placing the lid on top of the box and using the hinge to measure where the holes will go.

Step 3: Useless Box: Sanding Edges

3. Before screwing on the the hinges you must sand down the edges so that it will be able to glide open easily.

Step 4: Useless Box: Placing the Lids On

4. Screw on the lids to the box. If the lids do not go down all the way then shave down the hinges until they do.

Step 5: Useless Box: Wiring

5. Next use the diagram to wire everything together. Make sure to test the wiring out before placing it in the box. You must use a soldering iron to wire.

Step 6: Useless Box: on and Off Button

6. Before you can put the wiring in the box, the pegs at the bottom of the box must be shaved down. That way, the on and off button will fit on it. When you put on the on and off switch make sure to secure it down with electric tape.

Step 7: Useless Box: Putting It Together

7. Next place the wiring into the box. It may take a few trials to get it all in. The motor must be screwed in with the metal hinge and some screws. When our group did this, we did not have the right size screws so we had to drill the holes a bigger size. You may have to do this too.

Step 8: Useless Box: All Done!

8. Test the box. If it does not work, look through the steps again and see if you can fix anything.

Good Luck!!!

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    5 years ago

    Really nice :) Some photos are a little out of focus... if you correct that, your istructables is perfect!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! Useless boxes are always fun. Thanks for sharing this!