Useless Machine




Introduction: Useless Machine

 Another useless machine.



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    Updated link:

    After taking a look at the options for an instructable I decided to just put everything on a web page.  Kinda funny that this editor (for comments) underlines instructable as being misspelled.
    Images and all CAD files are here:


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    I know it is a long time since but do you stile have the plans for this. The site is down.

    OM EFFIN G!!! pointless? useless? No sir!! Not at all!! Beautiful craftsmanship... and it turns the switch off!!! Knotty you rock!!!

    Not useless at all... certainly a talking point... and maybe an analogy for something deep... anyway... fantastic idea... would love to see more!

     Yes, started with the IC circuit but scrapped that in favor of the simpler limit switch circuit. And of course you've got to have your polished brass, LEDs...

     Went thru several iterations. Sorting out which drawings and which parts of them are relevant (like gluing labels on ants while wearing mittens)...

    it maybe useless, but it looks really good, I like the steampunk touch to it