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I'm making this instructable because I ran into this problem myself and had a hell of a time finding out how to fix it. Surprisingly enough I couldn't even find it here. But now there will be a way. This is that way.

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Step 1: Safe Mode Startup

First you need to start your computer in safe mode to do this you could either
a. while your computer is on hold the physical power button until it powers off, so that when you turn it back on it         automatically pulls up the window in the first image.
or b. after correctly powering off your computer using the onscreen power off button. turn on your computer as it is booting               press F8 repeatedly so that the screen of the first picture is pulled up

Once your computer shows the first image use the arrow keys to highlight "safe mode" and hit enter. You are now in safe mode.

Step 2: Find the Files

Once in safe mode click the start button to pull up the search bar that will show directly above it. In the Search bar type in Regedit and hit enter. (if you are propted for an administrator password type your password and click continue)
When the next window pops up locate the registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileLift.
To do this I had to find the first folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click the expand icon beside it and repeat the process for each of the sections (Software, microsoft, windows nt, current version, and Profile lift)

Step 3: Edit the Names

1.After extending ProfileLift there should be some folders in the format S-1-5-XXXXX. Find the one with the ending ".bak" in the name, do this by hovering the mouse over the folders once found click on the one with .bak.

2.There should be another folder with the same sequence in the name except for this one doesn't have ".bak" Edit the last part of the name so that there is ".old" at the end of it.

3.Now right click on the one with ".bak" and remove the ".bak"

4.Right click on the ".old" folder and replace the ".old" with ".bak"

Step 4: Resetting the Count and State

Now left click on the folder without the ".bak"
1.In the left side of the window there should be several files. Right click on the "RefCount" file and chose "Modify" if the value in the window that pops up is anything but '0' then change it to '0' and click okay

2.Now right click on the file "State" and choose "modify". If the value in the window that pops up is anything but '0' then change it to '0' and click okay.

Step 5: Happiness

Close all windows and restart your computer in normal mode. Sign in and enjoy your reunion with your computer.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much! This was extremely easy to follow and helpful☺


2 years ago

I had this problem today and my lappie just for no reason would not let me log on. Sooooo frustrating. Your post was so helpful and sorted it out in Safe Mode. Oddly I had to put power cable in on restarting (I didn't think batter was very low).
Anyway thank you very much. Very clear and useful instructions for sorting an inexplicable Windows blackout. Thank you!!!!


3 years ago

I tried at least a dozen other things from other sites to no avail before clicking on yours. It worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sending lots of good karma your way!


3 years ago

I got up to Step 2, aaand this happened.. What do I do now?


3 years ago

Thanks EVER SO MUCH for the clear instructions! Managed to sort it out phew. Was browsing for this with subtitles or screenshots plus clear details. In You Tube the subtitles are erratic which is a no no for deaf people. A true life saver, thanks again.


3 years ago

The one that has .bak doesnt have the folders with state and refcount in it can i just skip the removal part or it bc mine is switched from yours

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

Or do i have to remove it in order for it to work


4 years ago

Mine doesnt have profile lift it onlh has profile list


4 years ago

Mine doesnt have profile lift it onlh has profile list


4 years ago on Introduction

Hey!! thank you very much for putting this on, it worked perfectly - you are a genius!!!


4 years ago

I dont know you, but I love you. This was so easy to follow and it worked! Here I was thinking omg whats this going to do to the computer, but i have nothing to lose because i couldnt get into the computer anyway, but yay it worked! Just out of curiosity, what causes it? How can i get rid of whatever caused it? The value in my "state" section was 8000 instwad of 0... :S


4 years ago on Step 5

you saved me hours of work and research! I did it all in under15 minutes! Thank you so much!

thanks so much for the advice. It actually worked and I have everything that was on it before still on there. Nothing was deleted. Appreciate it