Uses for Rubber Bands




This is my first Instructable and thought I should show you bizarre uses for a rubber band! This is also my entry for the rubber band challenge so please vote for me and leave what you think in the comments.


Step 1: Rubber Band Eraser

This is great if you don't have an eraser but really need one

1) Make a small rubber band ball.

2) Once finished, you can use it to erase pencil if you are in need of an eraser

Step 2: Liquid Measurement

1) Get a few rubber bands around the jar

2) Line it up with how much of the jam\sauce etc.. is in there

3) Now you can keep track of what jams sauces etc you need!

Step 3: Liquid Dispenser

This one is great for people who use a little too much soap.

1) wrap a rubber band a couple times around the pump

2) Your done! this will prevent people from using too much at a time.

Step 4: Finger Exerciser

Great for when you have nothing better to do and there is a rubber band sitting there.

1) Grab a rubber band

2) wrap it around your fingers a couple of times

3) Start Moving your fingers side to side

4) You shall have strong fingers now!

Step 5: Folder Holder

Good for when those annoying pieces of paper fall out

1) Get a folder and a rubber band

2) wrap the rubber band from top to bottom

3) now none of those annoying pieces of paper will fall out again!

Step 6: Bottle/Jar Opener

For when that annoying jar lid wont come off.

1) Grab some rubber bands

2) Chuck them over the lid

3) Try take the lid off now!

this gives your hands more grip making it easier to open.

Step 7: Bristle Holder

Stop those annoying bristles on your broom going where they want!

1) Grab that annoying broom and a rubber band

2) Put the rubber band around the broom bristles

3) Your done!

Step 8: Non-Slip Chopping Board

Hassle Free Chopping

1) Get a chopping board

2) put a rubber band around each end of the chopping board

3) All done.

Step 9:



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