Using 3d Printing to Make an Accurate Orca Toy

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I live in Orlando Florida.. I often see the mascots and orcatoys.. usually happy depictions of orcas and dolphins that kids love. Yet The accuracy of these toys is not close to the reality these poor encaged animals live. So i decided to created a more accurate orca toy that i think should be sold at stores instead of these fussy happy toys.

Before making a toy would take hundreds of thousands of dollars but thanks to 3d printing technology. Thats is a pretty expensive price tag to make a political statement. Thankfully the price tag for this political statement is just a couple of dozen hours and the cost of 3d printing..

However, the best part of this 3d printed piece is that if you want this beutiful 3d printed political statement to put on your desk.. you can order and exact 3d printed copy at

I usually create a description for any of my products and this is not the exemption.. here is the description of my product that is found in the online 3d printing store

Almost every religion has their version of hell and purgatory for the very evil among us. One of the most disturbing version of hell and purgatory are the version where the dammed are forced to re-live a extremely painful or experience over and over and over eternity. Hell or purgatory is usually reserved for extremely evil people that have done some horrible deeds during their lives but i believe this version of hell is among us.
When i think of this version of hell i think is the most vivid description of the life of the Orca and Dolphins imprisoned in your local Water park . As a resident of Orlando Fl I'm extremely familiar with this type of hell. If you think about it, these sea creatures are imprisoned in containers that would be considered inhumane even for the most brutal human sociopaths in death row. Not only they are put in tiny containers but they are made to do tricks like clowns over and over and over whether they want to or not. These animals are so stressed that they killed each other in surges of rage and as the movie Blackfish illustrates they also kill humans. However, i don't blame the animals i blame their captors who enjoy stuffing their pockets with cash. Just like i don't blame pit bulls for organized dog fights. Orcas and Dolphins are the ones that get put in small containers and are forced to do tricks like clowns for food. Just imagine you were put in a cell so tiny you could barely walk around. In our human Jails we at least have yards and basket ball courts. Not even the biggest water parks in the nation have the equivalent of an extra bathtub for animals the size of a Killer whale. So Imagine you were put in a room that size and you are to stay there till you die or one of your killer whale friends kills you. Now imagine you are forcibly impregnated (cause your babies are worth their wight in gold) then when your kid is born is immediately taken from you and sold to another park across the nation to be treated as a clown for the rest of their life just like your self. So think after all that would you enjoy doing trick to entertain a bunch of tourists? i think not i think after all of that most humans would curl up and die or wish for such luck. However, instead you are forced to do tricks to entertain masses of people like a freaking clowns over and over and over for the rest of your life. I honestly admire these creatures i really do i don't know how they keep going without killing themselves. If you ever watched the movie "The Cove" you might have heard that the trainer for the popular show Flipper actually quit training and started rescuing dolphins from water parks. In this movie he talks about how Dolphins can actually control their breathing and chose not to breath and therefore kill themselves. His life was changed when one of his dolphins in captivity actually committed suicide by this method in his arms. However, for what i understand Orcas don't have control over their breathing as Dolphins do and most of the lucky ones were victims of their Orca prison mates who killed each other and hence ended their own private version of hell. Well enough with the horrible lives of dolphins and orcas inside of water parks if you want to learn more you should watch the documentary "The Cove" and "Black Fish". Let's talk about the reason i made this piece. One of the best ways owners of these Sea Animal Purgatories stuff their pockets with cash is to merchandise the images of their prisoners in form or cute little figurines and plush Animals. They get ignorant parents to buy Animal abuse souvenirs for their kids and charge them a boat load of money for them. Before you know it your kid is now accessory to animal abuse with his little stuff animal and decorative figurines. Have you ever seen a plush animal splattered with blood bleeding to death like Orca #5? Have you ever seen an inbreed calf plush animal that died before her 1st Bday like Orca #8? or a gate skull crushed plush doll like 1 year old Orca #6? thats why i think we need more accurate souvenirs. I like to believe if these Animal abuse souvenirs were more accurate and depicted how the Sea Animals are forced to entertain you like sad little clowns at the expense of their happiness and freedom, kids wouldn't nag their parents to buy them. The existing souvenirs are in my opinion a Sham to Fool YOU and your kids and stuff the pockets of the owners of these water parks. So since i don't think the owners of these park will pay to manufacture a more accurate souvenir line. I went ahead did it for them. This little sad Orca is dressed like a clown because just like the real orcas is forced to entertain you if he/she likes it or not. Is sad because this is his/her 150th show and is crying because not only she is sad but because the chorine in the water is burning her eyes. Her Dorsal fin is collapsed because the space in her bathtub i mean prison is so small that dorsal fin collapse is not rare. There is an unknown wound under her chin from either a bite or an infection.. Her skin is full of teeth marks and bite marks because his cell mates get aggressive in small confined spaces. Don't worry the blood on her clothing is not hers but she wishes it has hers so her own version of hell would come to a quick end. Because unlike humans, the life of a water park orca is just like Hell or purgatory and only ends when they die.

Step 1: Sketch and 3d Modeling the Sham-U Orca Toy

I wanted to depict the sadness and the pain these orcas suffer most of their lives.. from the wounds, chemical burns, and deep sadness.

I used many reference pics and gathered them all together in this online gallery.

In this figure you can find one of the famous wounds on the chin in one of the orcas housed in one of the for profit water parks. You can see the tears cause by the choline in the water. The Splattered blood from the orca or trainers, etc etc

Step 2: 3D Printing Sham-U the Accurate Orca Toy

Here are the final pics of my 3d printed orca toy.

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