Using a Cnc Plasma Cutter

Introduction: Using a Cnc Plasma Cutter

How to set up the Plasma Cam Cnc plasma cutter for basic operation

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Step 1: Turn on the Compressor

Flip the small black switch on the side of the compressor

Step 2: Power on the Machine

Check the plasma cutter breaker in the breaker box, then flip the switch on the plasma cam control board after that move the lever on the main power supply to the plasma cutter to the on position, then power on the plasma cutter and wait for it to show no error codes (as pictured).

Step 3: Power on Ventilation

Power on the ventilation system next to the computer by making sure the large lever is in the on position, the switch is in the "hand" position and by pressing the black start button.

Step 4: Recognizing the Machine

Make sure the parallel port is plugged into the plasma cam control unit and the computer. Then in the plasma cam design edge software click "Machine" then "initialize". The machine should move a little and then go to home.
If the machine doesn't initialize go into settings > system setup and then click "detect machine".

Step 5: Material Settings

Measure the thickness of the material, then enter it under Settings>Settings>Height Control in the basic height control material thickness tab. Then set the plasma cutter to the appropriate amperage settings.



Step 7: Import Sketch

To import the sketch by going to file then import. Now choose the cut path by going to machine then convert to cut path. Now select the cut paths from the inside out so the work does not fall through the table grid. Next scale the design to the size that you wish to cut by making a box the size of the design you want to cut in the bottom left corner because that is always where you align the material so it is square. To make a box you can go under the draw menu and select line. Since the size of our workpiece I am going to type the coordinates of the first point of the line to be 24,0. The next coordinate will be 24,24 . To complete the square the next coordinates will be 0,24. Now right click to exit the line command. To scale the drawing select the whole drawing then go under edit then scale. Now select one point on the design and then on the opposite side then use the scale and move commands to make the drawing fit in the workspace

Step 8: Cut

Delete the box that was drawn in for reference. Now select the entire drawing then select cut under the machine menu

Step 9: Safety

While cutting never look directly into the arc of the plasma cutter without proper eye protection (welding goggles) and after the cutter is finished it should return directly to the home position. never touch the metal without gloves it is hot and can be sharp. you may have to look as crazy as this guy but it's worth your safety.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This a great guide. Thanks for sharing this info!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I hope you'll share more of your projects here. Do you run/work at a shop, or just have a fancy plasma cutter at home? :)