Using KeyBoard & Mouse on Android!?




Introduction: Using KeyBoard & Mouse on Android!?

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Ever Wondered Using A Keyboard And a Mouse On You Phone On The Go?
This Instructable Will Guide You To Do So.

1)Helping Elders to type using Key Board If They Find It difficult to Type Using Touch
2)Easy To Use,A nice Way To Show Off Your Friends and Family Using a computer Mouse.
3)It Helps Beginners To Learn Faster.

Please Note:
You Can Also Use a Usb Mouse Or Keyboard Directly By The OTG Cable,But this way It is more easier

Step 1: Things Needed-

1)Your Android Phone Ofcourse(Not Supported On iOS Until its a bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard)
2)A Pc Mouse
3)A Pc Keyboard
4)OTG(On The Go) Cable
5)PS2 To USB adapter(Optional,If You are using A PS2 Mouse.)

Step 2: Connecting All the Cables.

1)Insert The MicroUSB Side of The OTG Cable Into Your Phone.
2)Insert The PS2 Adapter Into The Female USB of OTG(Insert the USB of Mouse directly if you are using a USB Mouse.
3)Insert The PS2 Wire of Mouse To the Mouse Input Of The PS2 Adapter.
4)Insert The PS2 Wire of Keyboard To the Keyboard Input of The PS2 Adapter.

Step 3: Setting It Up

If You Are Using A Samsung Just Like Me Then Follow This,This Step Will Be Same For all the phones most probably.
1)Go To Settings.
2)Go To Language & Input
3)Setup The PS2 Adapter & The Mouse

Step 4: We Are Done!

Finally We Are Done I hope You Enjoyed This Instructable
Please Vote For Me In the Contest As I Really Need Your Support.
Thanks For Reading.



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    You can also use a Type-C to USB connector/adapter. I use it on my phone fine, with a USB hub.

    you can get an otg adaptor for as little as 33 cents through Ali express. we do better with an MHL HDMI adaptor and Bluetooth keyboard mouse.

    1 reply

    That's what I thought, when stumbling over this!

    Got mine for 1 eur at ebay.

    That's nothing amazing or special - it's Linux! So, of course you can attach a mouse and even a keyboard on an android device! ;) Just every device which is supported by this Android linux derivate


    2 years ago

    If you don't have OTG, bluetooth stuff will work. I tried it once on my Motorola Defy+ with a Samsung smart TV's bluetooth keyboard (built in touchpad). Actually Android supports USB hub, if you don't have PS2 mouse and kb.

    You should note that this only works on Androids that have OTG (On-The-Go) functioning. It is possible to do that on other Androids but you have to root the phone which can be a crapshoot and could possibly disable your phone if you make a mistake. Lots of info online.


    2 years ago

    can this device be used at same time as charging the phone. i use it to play games some times and some game uses alot of battery power

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    First off, I don't have an OTG cable, but will get one. Second, What if I don't have a PS2 mouse and keyboard, can I just use 2 usb devices with a usb 1-to-2 splitter? Third, I looked in my settings and didn't see any "External Keyboard" settings. Is this because I don't have one currently connected, and therefore the setting option does not show up?

    I like the idea, so I think I'm going to take this a step further and make a switch that changes my keyboard and mouse from the computer to the phone and back again.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Yes you can Use A usb splitter too.Yes the setting option wont show up until you connect a mouse or keyboard
    I am Glad That i could Help You Out.:)

    otg cable ok

    Only works with Android 4 and above.

    hi sergio,The Main Motive Bheind this was to educate people who didnt know we can do this,More over i dont want anyone to buy anything extra,Everyone has A Pc mouse and keyboarc laying around.I thought i If i Know Why not others be aware of this?They are still some people who just started using android and this can really help them.
    thank you