Using Left Over Christmas Decorations



Introduction: Using Left Over Christmas Decorations

Every year I have miscellaneous Christmas items left over after decorating the house. This year I decided to make a few outside decorations.

Step 1: Leftovers

I used left over bags of pinecones, lights, pine tree clippings, a bow, and two round lights.

I dug through my summer stuff and found a metal bucket and watering can to use as bases.

Step 2: Metal Bucket Craft

You can do this step anyway you want with your left over items!

1. Use the bucket as a base.
2. Add the larger lights to the bottom of the bucket. You can also add the string of lights throughout the pines and bucket.
3. Add the pine cuttings to the bucket and arrange them the way you would like.
4. Add a bow or burlap to the bucket
5. Last, add as many pinecones as you would like.

Step 3: Watering Can Craft

1. Use the watering can as a base.
2. Add decor that you are using. I used this glittery gold flower thing, but you could use dried flowers, candy canes, sticks, pine cuttings, etc. You can also place a string of lights around the can.
3. Add the small pinecones to the can to keep the arrangement still.
4. Next, add a bow or burlap to the base.

Step 4: Other Holiday Items

Here are a few other items my girls and I have made this year.

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