Using Paper Scraps to Make Quick and Easy Embossed Cards




Introduction: Using Paper Scraps to Make Quick and Easy Embossed Cards

About: My name is Melissa Mueller and I have always enjoyed being creative or at least as far back as I can remember. I remember loving paste. I loved creating with it, the feel of its little applicator on the pape...

In addition to the picture instructions below, I have also uploaded a video above for those of you that prefer videos versus picture tutorials.

I love paper and I love making cards. When you put both of those together, I inevitably end up with tons and tons of scraps from my various projects. I really hate to waste so I recently came up with an idea on how to re-use the paper scraps and turned them into quick and easy last minute cards. I'm using an embossing folder to add dimension and make them "pop". This in itself makes it appear like it took hours to design. It didn't!

Are you ready to get started? Let's jump right in!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You'll need some supplies to get started:

  1. Your favorite punches
  2. 3-D foam Squares/dots
  3. Embossing Folder
  4. Manual Die Cut Machine & accessories
  5. Ink
  6. Coordinating color/designed scrap of paperPaper
  7. Trimmer (or previously cut scrap piece already cut the correct size for your card.)
  8. Adhesive (tape runner or double stick tape)
  9. Your favorite Stamp Set

Step 2: Punch Your Favorite Shapes Out of Your Scraps

When using a paper punch, turn it upside down so you can see the punched shape. This will allow you to see exactly where the punched image is and what part of the paper it will punch out upon pressing. Use different shaped punches for a unique look.

Step 3: Pick Out a Base Layer for Your Card

Pick out the paper that you will be gluing to your card. Preferably something the coordinates with your punched out shapes. I used a piece of paper 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 but you can use any size that will fit appropriately to your card.

Step 4: Glue Punched Shapes to Card Base

Glue your punched out shapes to the card base. Just a small amount is needed as the embossing will also hold the shapes to the paper.

Step 5: Place the Card Base in the Embossing Folder

Make sure when placing paper in embossing folder, it is lined up and set to emboss the pattern on your card base the way you want it.

Step 6: Emboss Your Card Base

Place your embossing folder with enclosed card base on the platform of the manual die cut machine and turn handle to run it through the machine.

Step 7: Take Out Your Embossed Card Base

This is an example of what your card base will look like after being embossed.

Step 8: Create Your Card From Scraps

Create your card from scraps. Use a trimmer if necessary to get the card to the appropriate size. This card base is 4 1/2 x 5.5

Step 9: Glue Your Card Base to Your Embossed Creation

Step 10: Stamp Your Sentiment on a Piece of Scrap Paper

Adhere your clear stamp to the stamping block and be sure it is lined up properly.

Ink your stamp and stamp the sentiment onto the scrap paper.

Step 11: Punch Out Your Stamped Sentiment

Step 12: Adhere 3-D Foam Squares/dots

Adhere 3-D foam squares/dots for dimension on your creation.

Step 13: Place Your Sentiment on Your Card

Step 14: You Did It! Here Is Your Finished Creation!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great job on your first Instructable! Your scrap paper cards turned out really nice. I have to get me one of those embossing machines!

    Melissa Mueller
    Melissa Mueller

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much for your kind words! There are so many things you can do with them. If you go to Michael's or Joann's, you can use their 40% off coupon which makes it much more affordable. I hope you try it and be sure to share :-D