Using Plasti-dip to Change Emblem Colors




Introduction: Using Plasti-dip to Change Emblem Colors

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Using Plasti-dip to Change Emblem Colors
I take no responsibility for any damage that may come to you, helper/s, and vehicles.

“I made it at TechShop” April 2012 at the San Jose Location

Now… let’s get on to the procedure:


a. I recommend washing your car wash and dry if it’s really dirty, and then use rubbing alcohol
b. If not, use simple green to degrease and clean, and finish with rubbing alcohol


a. Use Blue Painters Tape, buy kind with smooth outside finish or automotive masking tape
       i. Found that this tape works better then the textured tape
b. Pull tape tight and straight over emblems, top and bottom
c. Use newspaper to cover rest and tape to existing tape for easier removal


a. Follow directions on can; shake for 1 minute
b. Spray 10-12 inches away, in a 45 degree angle with sweeping motion top to bottom
c. Do one light coat and then make an X, but start from the bottom to the top
     i. The heavier spray you do during each coat leaves a smoother finish; but don’t overspray
d. Complete a few coats and for the last coat allow only 10 minutes to dry
     i. Found that it’s easier to remove after trial and error


a. Remove newspaper and carefully remove tape with it around the emblems because you could possibly peel off the Plasti-dip
b. Remove tape slowly and watch out for the Plasti-dip lifting off the emblems. Or like below, use a plastic card, but be careful!!!


a. Remove overspray between letters with toothpick or stirrers, wood or plastic
      i. But make sure you don’t scratch the paint by slowly applying pressure till starts to come off
      ii. Try to pull away from letters
b. Using clean rags and q-tips, dip into rubbing alcohol and wipe any left over Plasti-dip
c. Allow to dry for at least 4 hours before you do a wash around the area if you want



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    6 Discussions

    I did the emblems and rims on my '09 Pontiac G5 GT. Followed the instructions from the youtube page, but it's all the same process. Any thoughts?

    1 reply

    Since you did it already, not really. Looks good.

    But, for those you are looking to do the emblems, I recommend using a 220 grit sandpaper on the emblems for a better seal. Its been about a year and some of the corners are coming off.

    Plastidip is actually great for jst about anything to do with cars. Theres a 200 page thread on a ford focus forum im on devoted solely to mods using plastidip. Everything from painting rims to painting the entire car. even talk of plastidiping faces and other appendages... it peels off, so theres no damage to paint or plastic, they use it all over the car. As they say on FF, "Try it. Don't like it? Peel it."
    The black design was done with platidip straight on the factory paint.

    2 replies

    tokymaru - Do you have a link to that thread? I'm curious if it can be used in place of masking tape when painting or powdercoating parts, and getting smooth, straight edges....

    Here you go.
    I don't think it'd be good for masking, as you have to mask off what you're dipping to begin with, but people have painted over it. They say as long as you PD layers are thick enough, it should still peel off real easy.

    Using plasti dip instead of masking tape? Interesting idea, but not a great one if you want smooth and straight edges. When you pull the tape off with the over-spray on it, it becomes wavy at times. Rather spend the money on good auto painter's tape instead.