Using SMD Components on Breadboards


Introduction: Using SMD Components on Breadboards

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To use SMD components on breadboards, simply use 0.1" spaced male headers, cut a piece of two pins, and solder the SMD component in between the two pins on the shorter end of the header.

This works well with 0603 and 0805 sized components, as shown in the pictures.

SMD components are much cheaper, and they also fit on perfboards. I never buy through hole components any more.



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This is GENIUS! I can't believe I never thought of it before.

One caveat: You no longer have the leads that can be bent to variable lengths.

It would be useful to mention that a calculation of a resistor's power rating would be wise, as some 0603 resistors are rated at only 0.1 W or less.

This could save someone so much precious breadboard space.

That is so smart! I will surely be using this from now on :) Thank you! :)